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Ö bluetooth ring by bateske
Bluetooth Smart Ring featuring a 64×32 monochrome OLED Display and Touch Button. Receive and reply to notifications from your cell phone! Display fun animations at a party! 4+ hour battery life (display on). 24+ hour standby.
Jolly Wrencher

Powered by the NRF51822 chip set the ring has an ARM-M0 embedded microprocessor running at 16mhz. The chip has a healthy 256k of flash and 16k of ram but a good chunk of that is taken up by the bluetooth communication stack, still quite a bit more than your average Arduino! :)

The device is programmed using the mbed developer software which is a cloud based development platform for a wide variety of ARM chips. Very cool log in from any computer or tablet and drag and drop programming via usb!

A small circuit board was fabricated to attach the OLED screen directly to the processor chip. This combined with a 40mah rechargeable lithium polymer battery all fits snugly within a 3d printed enclosure.

Included below are a few pictures of the development process. As always feel free to email me if you have any questions, and we are going to have the forums up soon so I can more easily share the answers!

Battery Tweezing
Hidden Battery

Exciting news for Arduboy! We have submitted the final design to manufacturers and already we have got some attractive quotes back. In the new year we are going to be working full time on managing the production of the first batch!

This has been a long process but much has happened behind the scenes that I just am not allowed to share yet! It’s thanks to all my fans that this is possible, because of all of your youtube views, comments, blog posts and facebook likes we can make Arduboy an amazing company to make lots more cool stuff!

Be sure to follow me on twitter for the latest updates. More exciting news soon as always! The next video will be an update about Arduboy and the design… and hopefully some sneak peak into the factory! Stay Tuned!

Thank you everyone!


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