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From the Makers of Arduboy: Ardubracelet

Featuring 3 OLED screens on a flexible circuit board, this minimalist electronic wearable is stunningly bright, likes to be touched and features a rechargeable 10 hour battery. Apologies about the hairy arms (and the dubstep)! :)

This is just a prototype but with a just a little more work this could easily be thinner and more attractive to wear. Be on the look out for a new version with some 3d printed parts to present a more honest take on the bracelet.

For those unfamiliar with the Arduino powering this wearable, it’s the same chip inside the Arduboy, an Atmega328p. Right now there is no wireless communication but looking at adding bluetooth in the future. There are many bluetooth options that are combined with microprocessors on the same chip, so the familiar Atmega chip may not be needed for much longer!


Thanks for everyone following along for Arduboy! I’m working hard to launch before Christmas! Waiting on the first batch of prototypes the next couple of weeks from the manufacturer. Stay tuned for pics of that in the next post.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or want to know more!


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